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Got a boat? A lot of people on the lakeshore do, and believe it or not, we’ll come out and tune up your boat’s air conditioner for you! Michigan is well known for it’s scorching summers, and at Reaume we understand that you want to escape that, even when you’re on your boat.

Whether you’ve already got an AC unit on your boat, or you’re looking into getting one installed, Reaume is West Michigan’s first choice for marine air conditioning. We’ve got more than 45 years experience on the Lakeshore, which means we know what we’re doing. Plus, we’ll come to your boat, which means no hauling or extra hassle. Just give us a call, and we’ll meet you where you’re at!


We have more than 45 years of experience servicing and repairing marine heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment. We are the West Michigan Lakeshore’s most trusted source in the industry and we provide dockside service.


Whether you’re installing a new air conditioning unit for your boat, or you just need a tuneup on your existing marine AC system, Reaume Heating and Cooling is your first call! We’ll come out to your slip and get it all set up for you, no hauling required. Have a question about boat air conditioners? Ask us online.

Why do I need an AC unit for my boat?

Alright, we’ll be honest, most people go out on the boat to escape the blistering heat of a Michigan summer. So why then might you need an AC unit on your boat? Doesn’t it just seem superfluous?

Actually, it’s not. Most people who are on a boat for extended periods of time, or for long days, prefer to have an AC unit on their boat for a few reasons:

It’s still hot: Even when you’re cruising in the deep water, the sun’s still beating down on you. The farther you get from land, the cooler it will get, but that doesn’t mean it will get comfortably cool. And if you’re planning on staying in the slip or on the sandbar, it’s only going to get cooler if you go swimming. Either way, an air conditioner will provide much needed air if you’re sitting in the sun all day. No matter where you are, it’s still going to be hot on the boat in the middle of summer.

AC units don’t just provide cool air: Many quality marine AC units work as heaters too. That fall fishing trip you usually freeze through? Well with a good AC unit, you’ll be able to reverse the AC for heat instead, keeping you nice and toasty through your entire trip, rain or shine.


What are your Marine AC options?

Now that you’ve decided your boat needs an AC unit, how do you know what kind to get? There’s a wide variety of options, from portable to fixed systems, each fitting different requirements and budget points. Whatever your budget or AC needs, there’s bound to be a great option for you and your boat.

Hatch Mounted Portables: If you need a quick fix, or have a smaller boat that just needs a bit of air once in awhile, a hatch mounted portable might be the option for you. These are perfect for cooling small areas like a cabin, or an overnighter sailboat. Functioning a lot like window-mounted portables back on land, these might take two people to carry out to the slip and put in place, but are easy to take care of and relatively inexpensive.

Self-Contained Unit: This is an ideal mid-range option for those who want an actual unit installed, but don’t want to do a major overhaul or install a full AC system. Usually used for boats less than 40’, a self-contained unit can be placed in a cabinet or living area relatively easily. These are a great choice if you want a budget conscious option, but are looking for a little higher quality than a hatch-mounted portable model. It’s important to note that these units utilize raw water cooling, since they’re not cooled by air. This means you’ll have to hook it up to a thru-hull water pump, which could affect your placement.

Split Air Conditioning: Typically found on larger boats, up to 80’ in length, a split air conditioner makes use of two different units to cool your boat down. One unit, the condensing unit goes in the engine room or similar location, and houses the electrical components, compressor, and seawater condenser. The other, the evaporating unit, is connected by insulated copper tubing. It’s generally installed in the living area, where it houses the evaporator coil and blower, ensuring that the cooled air goes to where you need it most, the living quarters.

Chilled Water air Conditioning: This type of unit is usually reserved for large boats and superyachts, as it is capable of pumping out large quantities of cool air, and tends to be a bit more expensive. Essentially, the unit utilizes a water loop in place of refrigerant between the two units. The chiller, installed in the engine room, cools or heats fresh water, which is then pumped through the pipe loop to air handlers in multiple living spaces, where the air is cooled or heated. The benefit of a chilled water AC unit is it’s ability to handle large loads and disperse air throughout many cabins.

Reverse Cycle Units: If you live somewhere like Michigan, where it gets as cold as it is hot, sometimes in the same day, you might consider a reverse cycle unit, which heats as well as cools air. Some self contained units, and most central systems are capable of this, as they can pull heat out of the water to warm the inside of your boat in most conditions. These units are affected by water temperature, but can cool your boat in water temperatures as high as 90º F and heat your boat in water temps as low as 40º F.


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