If you work in the food industry, or own a company in the food industry, you’re going to need an ice machine. Any place that serves drinks has to be capable of producing large amounts of ice that can then be stored until it’s needed. And if something goes wrong with your ice machine, you’re going to have issues. No restaurant can really function properly without ice, which is why Reaume Heating and Cooling specializes in the repair and installation of commercial ice machines.


We know that your ice maker is important to your daily life, and with more than 45 years in the business we have the experience and the staff to be able to come out and fix or replace your commercial ice machine.


If your ice machine is broken down, needs a repair, or if you’re looking for a new one, you can request a free quote from Reaume Heating and Cooling. We’ve got the experience and the tools necessary to come out and get your ice machine issue fixed quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to business as usual.

Common Signs Your Ice Machine Needs to be Repaired

Undersized or Malformed Cubes: If your ice maker’s been putting out very tiny ice cubes, or they just don’t look right, it’s a good sign that there’s low water flow to the ice machine. Sometimes this is a problem with the water supply itself, or it could be that your water filter is clogged. If you’ve changed the filter recently, calling your ice machine repairman is probably your best bet.

Oversized Ice Cubes: While this might not seem like a problem, ice cubes that are too large can get stuck in the evaporator, causing the machine to freeze up and stop working. Usually, the reason the cubes are too big is that water is leaking into your ice machine, sometimes from a leaky inlet water valve. Even if that’s not the case, you should call a professional, because if the problem continues, you’re likely to be without ice.

Ice Machine Stopped Making Ice: This is a big problem for you, especially on a busy night. If your ice machine is in the kitchen, it could be that the air temperature around the machine is too high. When it gets above 90 degrees, your ice machine will probably stop making ice. Your best bet is to cool down the room, but if it’s still not working after the temps come down, you should call someone who is licensed to check it out.

Machine Shut Down: If your machine shuts down suddenly, it’s probably because somehow, hot water got into the cold water line. Anything hotter than 90 degrees will cause your machine to shut down immediately in order to protect itself. This problem probably has more to do with your cold water line than your machine, but if you turn off all equipment using hot water, like the dishwasher, and your machine still won’t come on, it’s probably time to call a technician.


Which Type of Condenser is Best For You?

There are three different types of condensers for ice machines – air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote air-cooled. It’s good to know which style will work best for your operations.

Air-Cooled Machines

These are great for those who need more production, like restaurants and hotels. Most commercial ice makers sold in the US are air-cooled machines, because they can fit into just about any facility.

An air-cooled ice machine is advantageous because it’s easier to install, is generally cheaper than other models, and has low cost utility fees since it is so common. The drawbacks however, are that it is a very loud option, which can be an issue if the ice machine is out in the dining area of a restaurant. Additionally it does require a larger space since it needs a well ventilated area with plenty of clearance.

Water-Cooled Ice Machines

In most instances, a water-cooled ice machine is fairly impractical just based on the sheer amount of water it takes to keep it running. However, it is the right option for some bigger facilities, like hotels and ice houses, that need to produce a large amount of ice with little noise or heat.

A water-cooled ice machine uses water to keep the refrigerant and condenser coils within the machine cool. Those that use a cooling tower allow the water to circulate around the condenser coils, and then cycling up through the tower cooling through exposure to outside air before it re-enters the system. If a cooling tower isn’t available, this model will require two water lines, one of which must run almost constantly to keep coils cool. Some municipalities have banned this type, without the water tower, because of the massive amounts of water they use. Additionally, these types can raise your utility bill sometimes by hundreds of dollars a month making them fairly impractical for the majority of businesses.

Their advantages are that they aren’t affected by temperature changes in the climate around them, they produce considerably less heat and noise in the area they’re placed, and they use a bit less electricity than other models.

The drawbacks for this model can be fairly extreme, as water-cooled ice machines use an astonishing amount of water, which can cost your and your business a lot of money, especially if it’s not run with a cooling tower. Additionally, some areas have made this type of water heater illegal based on the amount of water they use.

Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines

This is a good option for those who needed a quieter option than the air-cooled model, especially if you have more than one ice machine. Essentially, this model functions the same as an air-cooled model, except that it has long refrigerant lines that separate the condenser from the machine itself. This means that the loud, hot condenser can be put in an area where its noise will be muffled.

This is great for those in cooler climates since this ice machine will be more efficient in cooler temps. Additionally there is the bonus of running several ice machines to the same condenser, which can save money as well.

The drawbacks of this model are that it is generally more expensive to buy and to install, as you’ll have to purchase separate parts, and the installation could require drilling holes through walls. The other potential downside is that since you have much longer refrigerant lines, there is a higher possibility that problems could arise.


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